Circle of Friends

In the end of 2006 FAR Children’s Centre has formed Circle of Friends under the chairmanship of Mrs. Bella Kocharyan (Ex-first Lady of Armenia). The formation of the circle was generated to the challenges of reality.

“Circle of Friends” is a voluntary committee of like-minded individuals and groups who are anxious about child rearing and seeking to contribution of upbringing physically strong and mentally capable generation for Armenia’s prosperity. 

In spite of much effort, the number of children in need remains high, therefore additional resources and actions needed. Furthermore, regulation of children’s problems and introduction of advanced approaches supposes the formation of public opinion and resonance.

Gradually this idea was developed and many co-thinkers: public figures, well-known specialists, representatives of Art and Science, just individuals who are not indifferent towards children’s problems joint the Circle of Friends.  This is achieved by

  • Support to children and their families in difficulties through contribution of access to relevant social services;
  • Contribution to the improvement of Child Protection System in Armenia;
  • Advocating and lobbying on child and family rights protection;
  • Taking necessary actions for the development and establishment of Social Corporation in Armenia

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