Fund for Armenian Relief

WHO IS FAR: Fund of Armenian Relief of USA was founded after the devastating earthquake in December 1988 by initiation of US Eastern Parish of Armenian Apostolic Church. The aim was to provide urgent humanitarian support to Armenian people. Gradually FAR moved to implementing a wide range of developmental programs in Armenia and Karabakh: from emergency relief to construction to education, medical aid and economic growth.

FAR’s programs are as diverse as the needs of Armenia. Generally, programs focus on child protection, economic development, education, health care, and social services. Within these broad categories, some specific examples of FAR-supported programs are the Children’s Support Center, the Gyumri Information Technology Center, FAR’s educational scholarship programs, and FAR’s continuing Medical Education Program. Please learn about these and other programs by clicking on the tabs above.

Through providing a combination of short-term relief and long-term programs, FAR aims to help various groups in Armenia. We attempt to address most issues that are brought to our attention, and we do not target a specific demographic. However, many of our beneficiaries are families with children, children without families, the elderly, and those seeking education.