Other projects

  • Project 1: Prevention of Child Poverty in Republic of Armenia’s Kotayk Marz

    Children in Armenia experience many of the same challenges that children around the world do: abandonment, abuse, lack of access to education, and family disruptions, the government’s major response to these issues continues to be institutionalizing these children. Poverty hits children the hardest. While a severe lack of goods and services hurts every human, it is most threatening to children’s rights: survival, health, nutrition, education, participation, and protection from harm and exploitation.

    Poverty creates an environment that is damaging to children’s development in every way – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In response to these needs, FAR Children’s Centre created a partnership with Open Society Foundation (OSF) to assist in bringing these early identification systems and preventive care initiatives into place. The mission of FAR Children’s Centre is to provide preventative services for children and families who are struggling with issues of abuse, neglect, and family crisis, in order to keep families together and prevent children from being institutionalized.

    As the tendency of physical and sexual abuse, lack of access to education, children on the threshold of abandonment is increasing OSF allocated $ 38,700 to help to identify the 50 most critical cases (families and children at risk and in difficulties) in Kotayq Marz, assess their situation, elaborate assistance packages and provide direct service. This will prevent the families with potential break up. The project is to address one of the most acute problems in Armenia: child poverty. The geographic selection was done based on the survey conducted by UNICEF recently. According to the survey, Republic of Armenia’s Kotayk marz has been identified as the region with the highest child poverty rate.

    The contract between FAR CSCF and OSF was signed on 17th of November, 2010. The duration of the project is 18 months. FAR Children’s Centre with the support of Open Society Institute strives towards expansion of the outreach direction of the Centre to reach out to even more children coming from the most vulnerable, in terms of child poverty rate, region: Kotayk marz, thus preventing child institutionalization.

    FAR CSCF’s child protection programmes continue to target children who are vulnerable to abuses and violence.

  • Project 2: "Promotion of Modern concepts in the administration of Juvenile Justice in Armenia"

    On 19 May 2011 at 14:00, in the Argishti room, Erebuni Plaza, Ms. Tsira Chanturia, Mr. Artak Kirakosyan and Ms. Mira Antonyan, respectively Regional Director of the South Caucasus Regional office of Penal Reform International (PRI), Chairman of the Board of “Civil Society Institute” non-governmental organization (CSI) and the Director of “Children’s Support Centre” Foundation (CSCF) will launch the EU funded project “Promotion of Modern concepts in the administration of Juvenile Justice in Armenia”.

    The Children’s Support Centre in partnership with Penal Reform International (PRI) and Civil Society Institute (CSI) run a joint project seeking to support and promote better understanding and greater practical application of modern concepts in the administration of Juvenile Justice in Armenia. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the current developments in the country that is being undertaken by various stakeholders in the field of criminal justice including the promotion and protection of the best interest of the child in the Juvenile Justice sphere.

    The project will also focus on the wide engagement of the public in the diversion of juveniles from criminal justice system. The project partners will work closely with the key stakeholders on the ground as well as at a global level by participating in the UN and other international organizations activities.

    The project aims to: raise awareness about children’s rights and promote legislative reform to ensure conformity of national laws and practice with international standards; promote the creation of legal framework for the local application of international standards on JJ; strengthen the role of civil society in the area of JJ. The three-year project will receive EU funding of up to 480,000 Euros.

    The contract between FAR CSCF and PRI was signed on 14th of April, 2011. The duration of the project is 3 years.